Minnie is a feisty fighter -- let's help her get healthy! image

Minnie is a feisty fighter -- let's help her get healthy!

$1,000 raised

$3,500 goal

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Minnie is a tiny, tiny kitten who has either birth defects or trauma that affect her ability to clear her bladder on her own. We think it's either neurological damage from an injury or a hernia. She also has a problem with her left rear leg where it connects to her hip. It's not clear if that's an injury, a deformity, or related to an infection or abscess. This hip problem makes her walk a little funny.

Minnie has been in foster since she was a one week old.

This little kitten has faced many difficulties in her short life. She's much smaller than she should be for her age. She's about seven weeks old now and finally weighs a pound. She should be nearly two pounds by now.

But this little girl is spunky and a fighter! She's working on overcoming her hurdles and we're hoping to help her. She has just starting playing with her foster family's Great Dane (named the Dude). The Dude thinks he's Minnie's mother and Minnie has a great time stalking and pouncing on him.

We know that Minnie needs at least one surgery and potentially several more. So we're raising money to make sure that Minnie has a chance to get as healthy as she can be and delight a special adoptive family with her big personality.

This little girl amazes us every day with her joy and zest for life. Can you help us give Minnie a fighting chance? Any amount helps, from $5 to $50. THANK YOU!