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Be Their Hero Each Month

Your Monthly Donation Saves Lives and Gives the Gift of Health

Dapper 3½-year-old Sanders went through some tough times, but now his life is the cat's meow. This friendly feline came into the Burlington County Animal Shelter suffering from a "tail-pull" injury. It required two surgeries to help him feel normal again.

His injury likely happened when Sanders was trying to get away from something while that something (or someone) held his tail, thus separating the vertebrae and rendering his tail limp and useless. His veterinary care and treatment, resulting in a tail amputation, cost $4,000 and was covered by the Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter. Sanders recovered in foster care and was such a loving patient that his foster mom adopted him.

Advanced medical expenses represent a significant portion of our yearly expenditures. A single cat or dog can easily require thousands of dollars in medical care and a team of volunteers to coordinate their care and often, foster them, during recovery.

Friends helps cover consults with veterinary specialists, thyroid or diabetes medications, surgeries for common conditions such as ear and nasal polyps, eyelid agnesis or entropian eyelid, cherry eye in dogs, and tumor removal. Sometimes animals have more catastrophic injuries or illnesses that require limb or tail amputations or eye removal.

Please consider a monthly gift to our advanced medical fund. Your donation helps us ensure that funds are available so we can continue to help homeless animals who need specialized medical treatment.

Together we can continue saving lives and give the gift of health.