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You can help sick and injured homeless cats and dogs

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Monthly giving for advanced medical care.

Lil Bear arrived at our county shelter in a very neglected state, heartbreaking. Severe matting caused an infection in his eye and an infestation of maggots. His condition made even the most seasoned volunteers shed tears. Euthanasia was planned for Lil Bear.

Lil Bear is not the first (and he won't be the last) animal to end up at the shelter requiring advanced medical care. Friends of BCAS believes dogs and cats like Lil Bear deserve a second chance. Do you believe in second chances too?

Advanced medical care is the largest expense in Friends' budget each year. In 2018 from January through June, Friends has spent $48,088.71 on advanced medical care.

  • Dogs: $23,467.88 to help 30 dogs ($782.26 average spent per dog)
  • Cats: $24,620.83 to help 58 cats ($424.49 average spent per cat)

Please consider a monthly gift to our advanced medical fund. Together we can continue providing second chances.